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We'd recieve alot of questions about our brand, products and shipping - daily. We've listed the most common below!

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Orders from our warehouse which is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Can be sent immediately and then it is normal delivery of postal parcels concerned.

Yes. KORP RAZOR is designed and the company is located in Sweden, but we find a huge interest out in the world, so today we got resellers, distributors and customers worldwide.

Regarding our privacy policy when you buy a product from KORP you’ll always have right to return a product if it match the criteria in our policy. For warranty or return questions please mail with full details about your request, receipt number and phone number for the fastest respond.

Our customer care center is always there for you. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any question you have! Mail;

Payment & Shipping

Our non-foaming gel is extremely kind to the skin and provides a soft feel when shaving. Additionally gel does not clog up the blades as easily as traditional shaving foam.

This is a matter of taste and very individually. The 5-blade gives the best results, but may not suit everyone. 3-blade is a cheaper alternative. As a new KORP user we always recommend to try the starter pack where you get both 3-blade and 5-blade and could try out yourself.

The handle has no moving parts which maximize length of life for handle. Moving parts are instead on the blade which will be replaced at regular intervals. Blades are extremely sharp ASR blade which provides an extremely close shave. On the blade is a rubber strip that helps to bring up the hair, as well as an after moisturizing aloe vera strip. Everything is packed in a cardboard box which is eco-friendly.

Use Non-Foaming Gel. Always shave  in the same direction that your hair grows. Even a shower before shaving is good. It opens up your pores and softens the hair.

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