What is a Strategic Buyer? (And Are They The Right Buyer For You)

Jeff Baxter Jr.

So, your broker wants to target strategic buyers.


What's a strategic buyer…?

作为最有趣的买家群体之一(通常是出价最高的), 战略买家是你可以瞄准的最重要的收购者之一.

That said, 在销售过程中,将你的信息暴露给战略买家需要比个人和金融买家更高的谨慎标准.

At MidStreet, 我们帮助企业主把他们的betway必威沙巴体育卖给各种各样的买家, including strategic buyers. 由于战略买家通常愿意为该业务支付更高的溢价,因此,向战略买家销售可以使卖方获得很大的利益. 

你想知道战略买家是否适合你的betway必威沙巴体育吗? 我们将介绍什么是战略买家,以及卖给战略买家的优势/劣势, and more, to help you decide. 

Let’s get started. 

Who is Considered a Strategic Buyer? 

战略买家是你所在行业或互补行业的企业. 战略不一定是直接竞争对手,但这种区别可能会变得模糊. Sometimes the best strategic buyers are also competitors.

From a confidentiality standpoint, 理想的战略匹配应该是你所在行业的企业在相邻的州有多个地点, but no footprint in your market. Again, not a direct competitor, 但该betway必威沙巴体育将通过收购betway必威沙巴体育获得战略利益.

互补性行业的企业也可以被视为战略买家. 例如,假设您拥有一家暖通空调betway必威沙巴体育,并希望扩展您的服务,包括管道. 

收购一家拥有成熟流程和团队的管道betway必威沙巴体育将是你最好的选择. 你在网上找到一家不错的管道betway必威沙巴体育出售,并查询它的信息. In this case, you are seen as a strategic buyer. 


  • Do they already own a business that is complementary to mine? 
  • 他们是否在不同的地方拥有和我一样的企业,并希望扩大服务范围?
  • Do they own a business that uses what I supply or vice versa? 
  • Would they gain synergy from purchasing my business (i.e. market share, buying power, or a more integrated process)? 


What Makes a Business a Fit For a Strategic Buyer?

Your business may be the perfect fit for a strategic if it could:

1. Help Them Expand Their Services 

这就是我们HVACbetway必威沙巴体育和管道betway必威沙巴体育的例子发挥作用的地方. 如果betway必威沙巴体育包括战略买家有兴趣提供的服务, 他们可能更倾向于为你的生意开出更高的价格. 

2. Increase Their Service Area 

Say you own an HVAC business with a good reputation in Raleigh, NC. 一个有战略眼光的买家可能在夏洛特拥有一个成功的暖通空调业务, NC, and Greenville, SC, and want to expand their footprint.

Since your heating and cooling business is well established, 对于战略买家来说,这是一个增加市场份额的有吸引力的机会.

3. Fill a Gap in Their Supply or Distribution Process

托盘制造企业可能会遇到木材供应或市场供应问题, 是什么阻碍了他们尽可能多地开展业务. 他们可能会考虑收购一家木材厂,以更好地控制他们的供应链,获得更好的资源. 

4. Offer Them a Useful Synergy

如果你拥有一家暖通空调betway必威沙巴体育,在你的行业中完善了特定的流程, such as dispatching techs using software rather than a scheduler, 战略买家可以把这看作是合并流程的机会, learn from the acquisition, and ultimately reduce their own personnel costs. 

Another synergy could include a product synergy, 你和战略买家向同一群消费者销售商品, but have two distinct product catalogs with very little overlap if any. 

What Are The Advantages of Selling to a Strategic Buyer?

There are multiple advantages of selling to a strategic, including: 

1. You Can Receive a Higher Price For Your Business 

If you sell to a strategic buyer, 你更有可能得到一个更好的价格,因为betway必威沙巴体育提供额外的价值给他们. 他们还可能与你所在行业的其他战略买家竞争,这些战略买家也想收购你,从而抬高你betway必威沙巴体育的价格.

2. The Deal Can Close Faster Than Average

Since a strategic buyer is usually familiar with your industry, they usually have a more streamlined due diligence process. 他们还经常有专门的团队成员,负责收购和激励迅速关闭,开始受益于两家betway必威沙巴体育之间的协同效应.  

3. Your Employees May Receive Better Benefits

这是向战略betway必威沙巴体育出售产品的企业主的共同动机.  Few businesses have the scale to offer their employees health, dental, vision, 401k, and other benefits. 战略通常可以为你的员工提供非常有吸引力的福利和激励方案.

What Are The Disadvantages of Selling to a Strategic Buyer?

Although there are many positives to selling to a strategic buyer, there are some disadvantages, such as: 

1. Your Business May be Moved to a Different Part of The Country

If your business appeals to a strategic buyer, but their base operations are in a different part of the country, they may move your business closer to them. 这可能会在不经意间影响到你当前的员工和他们的工作保障. 

2. Some of Your Employees May be Laid Off

As we mentioned above, 战略买家可能想购买你的betway必威沙巴体育,因为他们看到你的betway必威沙巴体育和他们的betway必威沙巴体育之间的成本协同效应. As a result, 他们削减成本的方法之一是裁员, like administrative assistants, bookkeepers, or managers. 

3. You Risk Confidentiality by Selling to Someone in Your Industry

还记得我们说过竞争者和战略之间的界限可能是模糊的? When you choose to pursue an offer from a strategic buyer, 在尽职调查过程中,您向他们提供有关您的业务的机密信息. If the deal does not work out, 你所在行业的战略买家会知道你betway必威沙巴体育的信息. 

These things can be deal breakers for some sellers, but not for others. Ultimately, 你和你的经纪人必须平衡向战略买家透露信息的风险和回报.

Decide if a Strategic Buyer is the Right Fit For Your Company


即使你的企业非常适合战略买家,他们也可能不是你的首选买家. By realistically assessing the type of buyer you want to sell to, you can help your broker hone their search for the perfect buyer.

你还在试图决定什么样的买家适合betway必威沙巴体育吗? Learn more about other types of buyers in our blog “The 5 Types of Buyers for Your Business.” 

Over the past 20 years, 我们帮助企业主将他们的betway必威手机客户端下载给各种不同的买家, including strategic buyers. 如果你正在计划出售你的betway必威沙巴体育,并且想要讨论谁是你betway必威沙巴体育最好的买家, reach out to us today.

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