Are you looking into selling your business and wondering how long the process generally takes? 我们曾与景观美化等行业的客户合作, 虫害控制, 制造业, and distribution with $1 million to $25 million in revenue and have found that it takes around 6-11 months on average to sell your business. 

The prospect of selling your business can be nerve-racking, emotional, or exciting. We always caution owners to be proactive and consider all possibilities in selling or waiting to sell their business. 有些企业在不到6个月的时间里就卖掉了,有些则根本就不卖掉. 

Our timeline of how long it takes to sell your business will serve as a general guide for how long each part of the process will take, 但最终, there are other factors that may impact the speed and success of the sale of your business. This will also help serve as a guide of how you can contribute to making the sale of your business quick and successful. 

6 Things That Can Impact the Speed of Selling Your Business and What You Can do to Navigate Them


1. 购买价格
2. 买方 
3. 类型的业务 
4. 位置 
5. 结构和组织 
6. 响应请求所需的时间

Below, we will discuss how these factors can impact the speed of selling your business. 


1. 贵betway必威沙巴体育的销售价格

In general, the higher the sales price of your business is, the longer it will take to sell. 成本越高,合格的买家就越少. This is simply due to the fact that fewer buyers will have the funds to afford your business if it is valued higher. 

The sale price of your business will impact which type of buyer you ultimately work with. Each buyer has their own characteristics that influence how long it will take to sell. 

2. 购买您的业务的买家类型 

每个买家都是不同的. 有些需要更长时间 尽职调查 而其他国家则需要更多时间来安排融资. Here are the different types of buyers you'll encounter and how they'll impact your timeline to sell:

个人买家, 他们是你会遇到的最常见的买家类型之一. 这些买家通常会申请SBA 7(a)贷款融资. 获得贷款批准的过程大约需要45-90天. 尽管有这个批准期, selling to an individual buyer can be faster than selling to a different kind of buyer.

私人股本集团(PEG) These buyers are generally sophisticated and have full teams of analysts that assess opportunities for acquisition. They are knowledgeable and ask a lot of questions, which can extend the 尽职调查 period. 然而,它们的融资周期很快.

战略买家, 他们通常是与我们的企业在同一行业的企业主, 希望在他们的业务中增加一个互补的业务或增加他们的市场. 他们通常对你的行业非常了解, but corporate and regulatory approvals may cause the process of 尽职调查 to take longer.
Since their goal of the merger and acquisition is to purchase a complementary business that will function in synergy with their existing company, the post-merger integration plan will be crucial to the success of a sale with a strategic buyer. 

平均, PEG’s and strategic buyers will have the longest 尽职调查 periods out of any type of buyer, 但你的结果将取决于你选择的组. 

3. 你的行业 

The appeal of your business will rely on the type of industry it is in and how profitable it is. 例如, home service companies with recurring revenue are some of the most attractive industries to buyers since it provides a consistent revenue stream. 

然而, If you happen to own a business in the home care industry that requires specific licensing, 这可能会影响你出售业务的时间表. Individual buyers may need to spend time obtaining the proper licensing before the sale can go through. 

另一方面, private equity groups and strategic buyers may already have the correct licensing if they own a similar type of business. 虽然, there is still a chance that a private equity group or strategic buyer also needs to go through the licensing process.

4. 你的betway必威沙巴体育的位置

The industry and area your business is in can affect how marketable your business is to buyers. 罗利这样的新兴城市, or resort locations such as 威明顿 or the Outer Banks are desirable types of locations. 

你的潜在买家可能会搬到你betway必威沙巴体育所在的地方, making purchasing your company the perfect opportunity for them due to the financial and lifestyle aspect. 如果你的betway必威沙巴体育位于一个蒸蒸日上的城市, 有机增长的可能性可以吸引买家.

5. 你的企业是如何构建的

The way your business is structured refers to how involved you are in the daily operations, 你的流程是多么的精简, 以及你如何记录自己的财务状况. 如果以下关于贵betway必威沙巴体育的陈述属实, 您的业务将更有吸引力的买家:

  • 你不再参与betway必威沙巴体育的日常运营. 
  • 您已经通过操作手册简化了betway必威沙巴体育内部的流程. 
  • 你有详细的财务信息,可以快速访问.

If you are deeply enmeshed in your company’s day to day operation or your processes are not current and streamlined, 它可能成为潜在买家的障碍. 

买家 are typically looking for businesses that they can acquire and begin running with a decent amount of ease. 买家就越容易想象自己是你的主人, 你的betway必威沙巴体育风险越小,吸引力就越大.

6. 你如何及时地向你的经纪人提供信息 & 买家

One of the simplest ways you can speed up the process of selling your business is to provide information to all involved parties quickly. 经纪人或买家就能越快地审查你betway必威沙巴体育的信息, 这个过程就会越顺利越快地进行下去. 你应该提前准备的信息包括:  

  • 金融类股  
  • 租赁协议  
  • 公用事业清单  
  • 社交媒体账户 
  • 标准操作程序
  • 操作手册

The financial information you will need to provide to a broker usually consists of three years of tax returns, P&L 's,资产负债表和应收帐款的账龄报告. 除了为经纪人准备这类信息, 你还应该考虑你的理想销售是什么样的. 

If you have a clearer picture of what you are looking for out of the sale ahead of time, it will assist the broker in finding more qualified buyers to purchase your business. 

当你在脑海中勾勒出这幅画面时, you should remain open to the fact that some of the details you imagine may be subject to negotiation depending on which buyer you select.


Now that you know how long the process of selling your business can take and what steps affect it, 你可以为出售你的betway必威沙巴体育做更好的准备. If you want to sell your business in a year, it would not hurt to get started now. 

然而, 如果你想等4年再卖掉你的betway必威沙巴体育, 你可以把你的betway必威沙巴体育推迟上市,直到你准备出售为止. 

No matter where you are in your timeline of deciding whether or not you are ready to sell your business, 获得对你的企业的估价是有用的和有用的. It requires minimal effort on your part and can give you insights into what your business is worth and what influences that number. 

进行下一步 准备卖掉你的生意,点击下面请求免费的商业评估.





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