卖家 买一个业务 卖方的文章

Do you want to know the steps to selling your small business?

Maybe you've received an offer from someone interested in purchasing your company.

Or perhaps you're just interested in learning more about the process.

Look no further - this is a guide on how to sell your business from start to finish.

出售企业通常是一个漫长的过程 情感 需要大量准备的过程.

准备花费 6到11个月的销售.


  1. 出售的原因
  2. 你的准备水平
  3. 你选择的顾问的质量
  4. 你选择的买家


这个过程的第一步是回答这个问题: 为什么我想卖掉我的生意?


  • 健康问题和精力耗尽
  • 退休
  • 离婚

Plan for what you’re going to do after the sale of your company, 这是否意味着要转移到另一家企业, 关注家庭生活和爱好, 甚至 在你的社区做志愿者.

When preparing to sell, focus on the factors that that will make your company 更有价值,如:

  • 减少日常参与
  • 消除不必要的开支
  • 降低客户或供应商收入的集中度


If you want to sell the business is because it is becoming less profitable or you’re seeing negative 行业 trends, 这将使吸引优质买家变得更加困难.


A MidStreet business ($1M-$25M in revenue) will usually sell for 2-6 times profit, 取决于它的盈利能力, 大小, 行业, 类型的买家,以及其他几个因素.



Business owners often prepare their financial statements for tax reasons, so a broker or appraiser will recast the financials to give prospective buyers a better understanding of the company’s 现金流.

一旦估价完成, work with your accountant to see how much money you would walk away with. This exercise will help you decide if now is the right time for you to sell.

同时,决定你是否有兴趣卖掉你的betway必威沙巴体育 房地产.


Would you review all your legal documents yourself, or do you hire a lawyer to represent you?

类似的, 当你要卖掉你的生意的时候, enlist the help of a qualified 业务代理 dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

优质经纪人赚取他们的 通过在整个销售中提供价值.

在一个谈判, a simple conversation between the broker and the buyer could mean the difference between you gaining or losing $100,000.


最好的方法是什么 找一个好的商业经纪人?


您也可以使用 寻找商业经纪人 search tool and speaking with brokers who have their CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) certification.



The IBBA (International Business Broker Association) is the largest community of business intermediaries in the United States.


It’s important to make a buyer 费l comfortable by being prompt with their requests, and the best way to do that is by gathering documents in advance.


  • 财务信息(已收集)
  • 设备列表
  • 许可证及许可协议
  • betway必威沙巴体育治理文件


A quality 业务代理 will have access to data room software (such as CapLinked) to securely store sensitive information and track buyer activity in the portal.


如果有人主动提出要收购你的betway必威沙巴体育, it is unlikely that they will offer what the business is actually worth in the market.

如果你想要最优惠的价格和条件, 找一个有经验的商业经纪人来处理这笔交易.

A broker will prepare a marketing package to help buyers better understand your business. 以下项目通常包括:

盲目的 配置文件: Used to give potential buyers just enough information so that the best buyers will inquire about the opportunity. 下面是我们网站上的一个例子.

CIM (机密信息备忘录)业务的书面摘要. These can be anywhere from 1-40 pages in length, depending on the brokerage.



营销视频: Gives prospective buyers an “inside look” at your business. 下面是我们为Mill Tek Toll grders创建的一个示例. 



我们要求买家完成初步面试, 网上问卷调查, and Non-Disclosure Agreement before providing the CIM or the 营销视频.

一旦买家看了营销材料, 如果他们有兴趣采取下一步行动, the broker will likely set up an introductory call with you and an in-person visit for the best candidates.



At this stage, you’ve marketed your business for sale and have received interest from buyers.

It’s time to receive offers and come to an agreement with one of the candidates.

在你接受任何东西之前, think back to your goals with selling to determine what price and terms you’re comfortable with.

Below are documents that you’ll likely see as you move forward.

  • IOI: 感兴趣的迹象. A non-binding document usually covering only the basic financial terms of a deal.
  • 意向书:意向书. A document describing the intentions of the buyer in a potential purchase. 通常比IOI更详细.
  • 购买协议. 你方与买方之间的最终的、确定的协议.


上述任何一份文件均可具有约束力或不具有约束力. It’s important to have a good lawyer and read your documents.



尽职调查 is a review performed by the buyer to confirm the facts you represented in your marketing materials and in follow-up conversations.

直到你相信潜在买家, avoid providing information that might put your business at risk, such as supplier contact information or detailed product ordering information.

在尽职调查, the buy-side and sell-side (or transaction) lawyers should work together to complete the purchase agreement.


Some buyers will use the due diligence period to reduce the purchase price or change the terms of the deal to better suit their goals.


If the buyer is using SBA 7(a) financing, the lender will perform their own due diligence.

Work together with your broker and the buyer to satisfy all lender requests.


在这个过程的最后, 你会见到买家, 律师, 和你的经纪人在会议室(或者虚拟的)见面!)签署所有所需的结案文件.

Once you've received the funds from the sale, now it's time to celebrate. 祝贺你!

After closing, you’ll likely tell the employees you’re selling the business. I recommend introducing the buyer in the best light possible, to ensure a smooth transition.

一旦betway必威手机客户端下载, your level of involvement should be limited to training the new owner on running the business, 按照购买协议的规定.


If you're maintaining ownership in the business, this step is more complex. 阅读更多关于 金融买家在这里.


Selling a business is a long journey that demands perseverance and time.

它要求你做到这一点 情感上的准备 和经济上的准备.

但如果你做得对,并遵循上述步骤, you could secure your family’s future and transition into the next chapter of your life.

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